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The most reasonable price—VCM IDS5 for Ford,Mazda and New lincoln:
1.The newest software version and free update
2.Iinstall the software without license and virtual machine
3.Support online function
4.Programming very stable ,best quality
5.FLY company has online account
6.Ford and mazda PIN calculator is free(user name is flyfvdi,password is flyfvdi@2018)
Ford and New lincoln software config:
1.Dealer type:ford
3.Country:own country
Mazda software config:
1.Dealer typs:mazda
3.Country:own country
Operating system:
1.Windows7 32 bit or 64 bit, C disk space is at least 35G.
Software installation:
1.Ford(New lincoln) and Mazda IDS software cannot install the same computer at the same time.
2.Install Ford(New lincoln) IDS/ Mazda IDS software according to the default path installation (not change the installation path) ,Please Exit or uninstall anti-virus software before installing software.
3.When installing IDS software, install the initial version of the subsequent upgrade patch version. (e.g.110.01,then110.02,110.03......)
4.After successful installation of IDS software, install IDS5Loader startup software and install it by default (check the Ford/Mazda IDS Programming Menu Patch option unless the computer system reports an error and the prompt point "Confirm" and "Yes" appears)
5.IDS software must be run by IDS5Loader (IDS software can not be started directly) when using IDS. Only by connecting devices can IDS software be run. When running the software, please select the appropriate model (Ford or Mazda) )
6.Question about online functions when enter the account password interface : if when jump page (the ActiveX controller is not enabled or not installed, please be sure to enable all the ActiveX controller prompts) on this site is typically IE browser has a problem, suggest that install the latest version of Internet explorer and use IE browser setting as the default browser
8.IDS software must start with IDS5Loader.
VCM IDS5 pictures:
AMR Beijing 2013-4-1 to 2013-4-3
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