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TM100 Special Fucntions
    Because tm 100, obd terminator ,fvdi 2 and fvdi 2018 are not stable, they always were blocked, please dealer does not sell them again ,potential customer do not buy them.
No.1 TM100 for BMW special functions:
  1.BMW EWS1, EWS2, EWS3, EWS4;
  2.BMW CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+, CAS4, CAS4+;
  3.BMW motorcycle HITAG key;
  4.Add key unlocker for BMW CAS, for CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+ keys;

No.2 TM100 for Toyota/Lexus special functions:
  1.Toyota H reading;
  2.Cover all Toyota and Lexus models(Tiris 4C, Tiris 4D, Tiris DST+, G chip and Smart key) except for latest type H transponde;
  3.Toyota/Lexus Smart key car listLand Cruiser 200, Land Cruiser Prado, RAV4, Venza, Corolla, LexusLX 570, GX 460, RX, LS 460, GS, IS;

No.3 TM100 for VAG special functions:
  1.Add key unlocker for Passat B6 HITAG2;
  2.VW Passat B6/CC Megamos 48;
  3.VW Passat B6/CC HITAG2;
  4.Add function: Searching of the 7th byte by existing key for VAG (MEGAMOS48);

No.4 TM100 for China vehicle, Delphi Immobox, 93C66, ID48. Model special functions:
  1.Add keymaker: China vehicle, Delphi Immobox, 93C66, ID48. Models: GreatWall Hover,Wingle,Voolex C10,C20,C30,V200,V240,X240, ZhongHua;

No.5 TM100 for Subaru special functions:
  1.Add keymaker: Subaru XV, DST80;

No.6 TM100 for Special 44 Chip special functions:
  1.Use PCF 7935 chip to generate Special 44 Chip (Include VW, HaiMa, GreatWall, GEELY, ChangAn );