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Videos---FVDI and AVDI and SVDI
Note; FVDI V2015 , AVDI V2015 ,SVDI V2015.
My facebook is https://www.facebook.com/flyobd
    Because tm 100, obd terminator ,fvdi 2 and fvdi 2018 are not stable, they always were blocked, please dealer does not sell them again ,potential customer do not buy them.
    0.FVDI&AVDI&SVDI Parcel video linkFVDI&AVDI&SVDI Parcel video
    1.FVDI&AVDI&SVDI activation and updating video linkFVDI&AVDI&SVDI activation and updating video
    2.FVDI&AVDI V2015 introduction video linkFVDI&AVDI V2015 introduction video
    3.FVDI&AVDI V2015 new sticker video linkFVDI&AVDI V2015 new sticker video